Beat the End-of-Vacation Blues

img_1510It is easy to feel depressed when your vacation is over, especially after the holidays. It’s so exciting to plan for that sweet escape that it can be a total let down when it’s suddenly in the past. Here are a few tips to soften the end-of-vacation blues.

If possible, give yourself an entire day at home to recuperate. In my twenties, I would live it up to the last drop, fly home at night, and show up to work the very next day. Talk about exhausting.

Now I come home, unpack, and spend an entire day chilling out with my family. We give the dogs some serious attention, watch movies in our pajamas, and order take out. If your trip included a time change, try to squeeze in a nap as well. Remember that being exhausted is a great time for your body to succumb to all those travel germs. I ended up getting very sick after my trip home from Barcelona. I was drained and didn’t give myself much down time. Take care of yourself.img_2245

I start planning my next vacation right away. Nothing like getting excited about your next getaway. Plus, if the trip you just took didn’t work out the way you hoped, plan a new one. Get back out there and let the world surprise you. If you are on a Princess Cruise, they have staff ready to help you plan your next voyage while still enjoying your current vacation. When you book a cruise while taking a cruise, Princess gives you cruise credits – a perk that includes reduced deposits and cash to spend during your next trip. If you blew all your vacation hours at work, then take advantage of the next three-day holiday weekend. My trip to Savannah, Georgia was over a long weekend and we had a blast.

img_3514Lastly, it’s fun to coordinate a travel BBQ with friends so they can see your photos and hear your stories. After you’ve had your chill day at home, send an email blast to your pals for an easy meet up. Re-live the good times and feel grateful for the chance to explore. I couldn’t wait to tell people about the kayaking in Texas (There are rivers in Texas? I thought it was just a big desert out there.) and the whisky tasting in the gorgeous Scottish Highlands (so much purple heather!). Or that time I was in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class with Neil Patrick Harris (I kept my cool and didn’t bother him.).

No one is ready to come back to reality, but hopefully the above ideas help soften the blow. Happy travel planning!

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