A Royal Princess Photo Shoot

Platinum StudioWe thoroughly enjoyed our experience in the Royal Princess Platinum Studio. Our photographer, James McKay, was not only skilled but welcoming and fun. While I would have loved to buy more of his work, this was an expense for which we did not budget. Therefore, we only bought one photo,the 8″x 10″ for $175. It was their most inexpensive option. Don’t get me wrong, the product is worth the pennies but a European trip is already pricey.

After our Platinum session, James told us that the head of photography saw our photos. And loved them. She needed some models to take engagement slash wedding shots around the ship. See, the ship is so new that they did not have any stock photos for couples wishing to celebrate their union aboard.Princess Cruises - Sitting in Casino The goal was to create a coffee table book of possible shots around the ship. Long story short, they asked us to be their Royal models for an evening. Honored, we took the challenge.

We had just spent the afternoon in Gibraltar and our three photographers were waiting for us in the gallery. We did a quick clean up and wardrobe change, then toured the boat with our new entourage. We started in the casino, progressed to the atrium, hit up the sea walk, and finished with sunset lighting in The Sanctuary. The photographers came equipped with their gear and a lot of fresh ideas.

Here are few behind-the-scenes facts you should know:

1) I was 13 weeks pregnant and attempting to hold in my brand new baby bulge. In fact, my skinny jeans wouldn’t zip all the way up so I chose a long top to cover it.

Princess Cruises - Reflection near Casino2) Our shoot was about 2 hours long and made us very late for dinner. Luckily, the wait staff kindly served us a quick meal in the dining room, a whole hour beyond the normal dinner time.

3) That is not pregnancy glow per se – although, I feel very lucky to have a little one on the way. I was glistening from the humidity. I had my fingers crossed my hair wouldn’t go full frizz.

4) It looks like an afternoon shoot, but it was actually getting late. The sunset shots were taken around 9pm. That’s a regularPrincess Cruises - Sanctuary Cabanas day during a European summer.

5. We did not receive monetary compensation, but we did get over 400 professional photos on a disc for free. The head of photography promises to send the final photo-shopped pics when completed.

6. If Princess corporate approves the mock-up for the coffee table book, then our photos will not only be on the Royal, but will also be on her sister ship next year, the Regal.

Since the Duchess of Cambridge is the Godmother of the ship (and also pregnant), my husband likes to jokingly call us the ‘Photo Godparents’. Whether or not our photos make it to anything Princess Cruises - Inside Sea Walkviewed by the public, we feel pretty darn special to have been asked to participate. And when our little baby is old enough, we will tell him or her that it was the secret third person on a royal photo shoot.

All photos within this article are courtesy of Princess Cruises.

For more information about the Royal Princess, check out my article about her first official cruise https://siteswithstacey.com/2013/07/21/the-royal-princess-maiden-iberian-voyage/.

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