Las VegasI have never written an “About”. I don’t think I fully knew myself when I started this website. But now, I honestly believe that through the evolution of this site, I have finally become the person I always wanted to be.  So here it is – The SitesWithStacey About.
By day I am Southern California career woman. But by night….I am an adventurer.
I love it all. Checking out cool events near home, exploring the various landscapes stateside, and discovering new worlds abroad. It feeds my soul to go beyond the boundaries of my daily life, then craft the story that brings the experience to you. The world is so much bigger than what we do in our everyday lives. It would be silly to never dip our toes in the sea of possibility.
There are so many different types of adventures. Some trips blow away my misconceptions. Some trips scare me a little. Some trips open my eyes to things thatGrand Californian Hotel I never knew existed. And other trips just allow me to take a deep breath. Yet, with almost every trip I aim to find something new “out there”, but actually find more about me.  
My biggest travel tip: Be open. Let the adventure inspire you, change you, and become a part of you. The people, the cultures, the tastes, the smells. Let it all sink into your pores. My hope is that by artfully describing each destination, you too can be drenched in the experience.
I wrote a poem many moons ago that not only encapsulates the evolution of my writing, but also speaks to truly being open to new worlds:
Savannah, GeorgiaI used to write in pencil
Afraid to make a mistake.
Now I only write in pen
And let the mistakes write me.
My name is Stacey Kinsella , I am a travel writer, and this is SitesWithStacey. Join the journey.


  1. My Dear Friend,

    This is so real, and written with so much insight into yourself. Tt truly allows the reader to peek under the sheets of your life.  I wouldn’t change a thing…this is authentic, and playful and written by a very talented writer!


    You Mentoring Muse



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