L.A. Travel & Adventure Show – The Preview!

Me in my zip line gear!
Sites With Stacey

Let’s set the record straight. The Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show is not technically in Los Angeles. It’s in Long Beach at the Convention Center. This is a much easier drive than the crazy traffic in downtown L.A. and I love that The Pike is right next door. Great food is literally a few steps away.

Ann Flower Communications kindly invited me to attend the Media Preview Day today (after I convinced them that I needed to be there). Actually, the team at Ann Flower has been wonderful and the well-planned morning proved that their efforts generate great results.

The exhibits were still not quite set up and there were teams of people making sure thatPauline Frommer and Richard Wiese each booth/carpet/stage is ready to go. Guidebook author, Pauline Frommer, and ABCs Born to Explore host, Richard Wiese, were in attendance to answer any early questions. I briefly said hello to Pauline (she was very gracious) and headed to the zip line. I missed out on the zip line last year. Correction – I chickened out on the zip line last year. This year, I had to do t. I am happy to say it was an amazing ride and I can only imagine how much more exciting it is at a killer destination. Word to the wise – push off the platform and tuck your knees. You’ll go faster.

bubble - falling and then posingNext, I tried the Bubble Rollers. You climb into the plastic ball, they fill it with air, and you stumble your way around a pool of water. This requires more core strength than you think. It was very challenging, but I loved it. It’s unusually quiet inside the bubble and when you fall – because you WILL fall – you land softly on the billowing water. I really got the hang of falling and tried to splash the people along the sidelines. Many people passed on the bubbles because it looks silly. It is silly, but it’s frickin’ fun. Go for it!rockwall - I can do this!

My last adventure was the rock wall. I was really worried that my upper body strength might be too weak for it, but as it turned out, I did just fine. I should note that I did the “easy” wall, but am proud just the same. There are four different levels, so you have your pick. Next to the rock wall is the Euro Bungy Trampoline. That was not available, but looks like a lot of fun. I might hit that up tomorrow.

The Travel Pose 2

So those are the activities available to you this weekend. Aside from that, they have a very cool food and wine demonstration, which was not available last year. I briefly spoke with Wine Broker, James King, and Chef, Jason Collis. Each will bring their expertise to the VIP Food & Wine Experience tomorrow at 3:45pm. This is an additional $20, but will include several varietals as well as fresh food pairings. Food and wine are infused with culture, so this is an opportunity to travel with your taste buds. VIP tickets are limited.

Be sure to check out the dance groups performing a variety of cultural moves and all the wonderful exhibit booths with eager experts to tell you about where your next epic vacation should take you. Seminars with authors and hosts will take place all day Saturday and Sunday. Pauline and Richard will share their secrets on Saturday and Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, will be there on Sunday to talk about 10 years of romance and travel. There are many more great speakers and exhibits. For all of the details of this weekend’s show go to http://adventureexpo.com. If you decide to come and see me roaming around, feel free to give me a wave and say hi. It will be a great weekend and I hope to see you there!


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