SitesWithStacey Contest

IMG_4879I am so grateful for the support and positive feedback you have given me. I started this website about 18 months ago. It has been an inspiring journey and I am excited to see how it evolves. Your support keeps me writing, but it also helps me obtain special invites to locales I might not otherwise get to see. Then I get to write about my experience and share it with you.I

I am asking for your help to increase my readership and thus, increase my chances to visit new and exciting places. By sharing my site and inviting others to join the journey, you keep my passion project moving forward. Over the next two weeks, I am hoping to reach 100 “likes” on Facebook. If I reach this goal by midnight on December 31st, one lucky “like”-er will receive a $50 gift card to the Disneyland Resort. I will also donate $50 to one of my favorite local rescues Pugs N’ Pals. Jointly, there will be one dollar for every “like” with half of that going towards saving small furry lives.

mom n otisI recently realized that I cannot be my whole self if I am not exploring the world and writing about it. Whether I am in Paris, in Poland, or just checking out Pugtoberfest, I am immensely grateful for all of my experiences.

Help me keep SitesWithStacey growing. And help me be ME.


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