Sites with Stacey Food and Wine Event 2012

In honor of the holiday season, my wonderful friends, and the many fun places I’ve traveled, I held an exclusive food and wine event earlier this month. Guests were served a four-course meal that included foods inspired by my travels and wines procured during my travels. The food menu included crepes with a tasty sweet meat filling, chicken tortilla soup with a hint of spice and fresh avocado, and brown rice pasta with Bolognese sauce and brushetta on the side. The final course included dark chocolate squares, homemade coconut macaroons, and pumpkin tarte. Throughout the meal, guests were served tastes of various hand-selected wines. Here are the wines (roughly) in the order in which they were served:

 Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Blanc Sparking Wine – Sonoma

Il’ Conte D’ Alba Stella Rosa – Italy (distributed by San Antonio Winery)

Honig Sauvignon Blanc – Napa

Iron Gate Winery Cabernet Sauvignon – Cedar City, UT

Iron Gate Winery Mourvedre – Cedar City, UT

Markham Merlot – Napa

Zaca Mesa Syrah – Los Olivos, CA

Other wines available for sipping included Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, Earthquake Cabernet Sauvignon from San Jose, and some of our guests brought their own wines to share as well.

 There was a half-time break for a little travel trivia – because I simply love trivia – and to give a food/wine break. The questions were all linked to articles I’ve posted and the cool locations I’ve visited. Your tablemates became your teammates. There was also a drawing at the very end of the evening. Each guest used a different wine glass from various wineries and those wineries were mixed in a bag for random picking. Winners of both the trivia and the wine glass draw received travel packs with small refillable bottles and one lucky guest got a set of wine skins – ’cause you just can’t travel without at least one twist top bottle.

 Not a drop of the tasting wine made it through the night, proving that the wine selection was a success. Crowd pleasers included both of Iron Gate’s reds, the Markham Merlot, and the Zaca Mesa Syrah. As for the whites, Nobilo is always a hit and the Honig is a close second. The majority of these wines can be purchased at BevMo and I also recommend checking out Trader Joe’s for great deals on New Zealand whites. Check out the Iron Gate Winery website for details on purchasing their flavorful reds.

 To the wonderful friends and family who came to this special tasting event, thank you. Thank you for supporting me, my writing, and thank you for your constant encouragement. A huge thank you to my husband for his culinary skills and undying support for my passion project.

 ‘Tis the season, friends. Eat, drink, be merry…..and most of all, be thankful for the beautiful people you come home to after a long trip.


  1. I was honored to be in attendance! It was a fabulous, fun, fact filled evening and I look forward to any and all future events held! Your grace in front of others in something to look up to! You are beautiful inside and out! Having you as a friend, a fellow wine drinker, and a fantastic host is something I am grateful for!

  2. Stacey, Bravo on the success of your food and wine event. Glad to hear that the Utah wine was well received – kind of IRONIC. We’re are sending some info on cooking and Austin plus we stumbled on a local winery in Canyon Lake just a few miles away. It’s only open on the weekend so we’ll check it out.

    All our love, AM and UJ

    On Tue, 27 Nov 2012 05:01:34 +0000

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