Pugtoberfest 2012

I attended the 14th annual Pugtoberfest hosted by Pugs N’ Pals at TeWinkle Park in Costa Mesa, CA. I used to think that attending these types of events would be weird. I whole-heartedly support their work, but it never occurred to me that picnicking with my pugs would be fun. I was completely wrong. I attended for the first time last year and had a total blast.

This event not only raises money for their rescue efforts, but you get to see/meet/love these wonderful creatures.  Some pugs are hoping to find a “forever home” while others are adopted pugs coming back just to say hi. We adopted our two boys, Eric and Otis, from Pugs N’ Pals and have been happy pug parents ever since. You also get to meet the loving foster parents who open their homes to lost pups, some with special needs and others require medical attention. The “pals” in Pugs N’ Pals usually includes pug mixes. There were pals mixed with yorkies, boxers, and even one potentially with a mastiff. The pug features generally dominate no matter what the mix may be, so you end up with some pretty cool blends.

While you are roaming the ‘fest, you have the chance to purchase art, get photos, buy crafts, and even have a veterinarian take a quick look at your little fur buddy. There are contests including pug kissing, pug racing, and a blind find-your-pug game. Our pugs love hanging out in the play area. Completely fenced and supervised, the furry friends get to safely roam off their leash.  They frolic, play, and sniff other pugs to their hearts’ content. This play area reminds me what a fabulous temperament these little guys have. Known for being jovial, loving dogs, pugs are an easy breed to bring into your home. They are even great with kids, making them a welcome family member.

Whether or not you are a pug parent, one cannot deny the silliness and joy these smooshed faces bring to the party. Pugtoberfest is a celebration of these wonderful furry friends and the amazing people who care for them. I often write about the cool adventures I take, but I rarely mention how hard it is to leave my pug rescues behind. Sometimes it’s not about the places you go, but who you come home to. I call it the Kinsella Pug Love. I’d like to officially thank Pugs N’ Pals for making our house a home. Come to Pugtoberfest next year or better yet, an adoption fair next month. Maybe it’s time for you to get your own Pug Love.

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